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Nautical Dictionary:

Please use the form below to place your advertisement
for any boat or item FOR SALE or WANTED.

Advertising Tariffs (running an advert for3 months):
      60 Euros/£ (approx. US$ 75) for boats/items up to 30k and all WANTED ads
      80 Euros/£ (approx. US$ 125) for all boats 30k and over
      NEW: 150 Euros/£ for Adverts with up to 5 Photos
      Renewal of any advert for another 3 month: 50 Euros/£ (approx. US$65)

Make sure you selected the correct category: FOR SALE or WANTED! and don't forget to state the price (and currency) if you want to sell something!
TIP: Use the TAB key [which is next to the Q (A on french) key] to jump to next entry field.
       This works in all windows programs and saves leaving the keyboard to use the mouse!
       (You woudn't believe how many people don't know this!)
Choose a Category:
Make sure you have selected the correct category: FOR SALE or WANTED!
Advert: (15 lines maximum !)
Please indicate if you want to include photos and I will send you my email address to send them to me.
You will soon see an acknowledgement that your advertisement has been received
and you'll receive an e-mail confirming your advertisement.

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