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PHRF rating for DF1000?
[from: Fred Grenning, USA, 13 May 2006]
Have any of you DF 1000 owners applied for a PHRF rating? I'm applying for one at this time from this organization. http://www.lmphrf.org/ Where are all the dimensional specs for the boat an sails found? Also, if you have a rating, what is it? I want to compare it to the one they give me.

Re: Experience with long crossings with DF1000?
[from: Holger Marx, Germany, 20 Oct 2005]
anfrage ernst fellner bzgl. nordkap-reise
wurde von per asmuss unternommen und beschrieben. unter "perasmuss" googeln, dann findet ihr den artikel im netz !
per hat übrigens ein sehr informatives buch über multihulls geschrieben.
grüsse ans forum, holger marx
[Ref Ernst Fellner and the mentioned article in the "Yacht"
Per Asmuss did the journey and you will find the article when searching with GOOGLE for perasmuss.
By the way, he also wrote a very informative book about multihulls. Regards to the User Forum, Holger Marx.]

Re: Experience with long crossings with DF1000?
[from: Clive Wright, UK, 20 Oct 2005]
Hi Frank,
I picked up my DF 1000 from Stockholm and sailied it back to the South Coast of the UK. Fantastic boat and a good trip. Had times where I was lazing in a hammock to battling a force 7. The boat performed above my expectations.

Re: Experience with long crossings with DF1000?
[from: Ernst Fellner, Germany, 18 Oct 2005]
Lieber Frank
in der Zeitschrift "Yacht" war vor ungefähr 2 1/2 Jahren ein Bericht über die Reise eines dt. Seglers mit seinem DF1000 von Deutschland nach Norwegen bis nahe Norkap und zurück; leider kenne ich das genaue Erscheinungsdatum des Artikels nicht mehr. Der DF1000 war im Sommer 2002 bei Jens Quorning in der Werft zur Überholung nach Rückkehr. Jens Quorning kennt sicher den Namen des Seglers und die genauen Daten.
Gruß Ernst
[Dear Frank, the German "YACHT" magazin has published some 2 1/2 years ago a report about a DF1000 doing a tour from Germany to the North Cape of Norway, there and back. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact publishing date of the article. The DF1000 was, on the way back, in the summer of 2002 at Jens Quorning's shipyard for some refitting work. Jens knows certainly the owner and the dates. Regards Ernst]

Experience with long crossings with DF1000?
[from: Frank Pasquier, France, 5 Oct 2005]
Je suis l'heureux proprietaire d'un DF1000 depuis peu.
Je me contente pour le moment de cabotage. Y a t il des personnes qui ont l'experience de longues traversees?
[I'm the proud new owner of a DF1000. I'm happy with costal cruising at the moment. Are there people with the experience of larger crossings?]

NEW DESIGN DF1000 (?) 1100(!) TO BE SEEN 2005
[from: B Biberg, Norway, 11 Feb 2005]
Jens Quorning visited the Norwegian Multihull Forum (NFS) last autumn. He revealed that Dragonfly are going to launch a replacement for the DF1000 with more accomodation, but along "the same lines". This probably means aft berths and a raised cockpit. JQ said the new tri would be presented early 2005. Something to look forward to...
[Jens Quorning says:
"It is correct that we will launch a new Dragonfly 35. However, we are not able to release any drawings for the public until the end of March.
This boat is going to be very interesting and I am very excited about it. We will send more information on it as soon as it is available."]

Re: Info on DF1000 wanted
[from: John Blaiklock, United Kingdom, 2 Dec 2004]
I have recently returned from sailing Peter Le Belle's DF1000 from Lagos to Almeria, so I can answer some questions. I sent this last week but the message must have been lost.
1) Hot shower
Yes, but not in its own separate compartment. There is a circular curtain in the toilet which you shower inside. The toilet is not really in a compartment on the DF1000, more in the space between the main and the front cabins. The shower may not be particularly convenient to use, but it is there. The DF1000 does not have a huge water tank so showers will have to be short.
2) Standing headroom
I am 5' 10" and could stand everywhere apart from the front cabin.
3) Comfort compared to a Corsair 28
Lots more space and comfort, but...
4) Performance compared to a Corsair 28
Not as good performance as the DF920, and probably not as good as the Corsair 28 either. The DF1000 is (compared to other smaller trimarans) a heavy luxurious boat with plenty of comfort features, but this comes at a price, loss of performance. It will outperform similar sized monos, but will not be as quick as the smaller Dragonflies or Corsairs. The newer DF1000s I believe have a bigger rig than the one I sailed. Sail one before you decide to make sure that performance is suitable for you.
5) Folding every time
Folding is very similar to my 920, and I fold that every time I sail. It doesn't stop me going out for a few hours. It's quick and easy once you get used to it. The DF1000 I was on had an extra stay from the bow to the outer end of the forward beams that the smaller Dragonflies do not have, but these don't take long to attach. I believe the new 920 Extreme has these too.
I guess you will get the extra comfort you require on the DF1000, but maybe not the performance you are used to. You cannot have both.

Info on DF1000 wanted, also any on US west coast ?
[from: Multihull guy, United States, 20 Nov 2004]
I am a former Corsair 28 aft cabin owner. I want a larger, drier tri with nice creature comforts that can still sail fast. My 28 sailed at 15-20 kts in winds 12-18 kts.
I'm on the west coast of the US, Marina del Rey. Are there any on the west coast. Does the boat have hot shower and standing headroom everywhere including head. Is it reasonable to fold and unfold everytime you go out, I will keep the boat in the Marina either in a slip or end tie.
Whatever anyone can tell me about the 1000 I would be very appreciative.
Thank you very much in advance.
[Ed: Stephen Bondelid, who has a DF1000 has been in touch and offered to show his boat to the Multihull guy. Thanks Stephen. Bo]

Re: Is the DF1000 suitable for hot climates ?
[from: James Pace Clayton, United States, 21 Jun 2004]
I own a DF1000 in St. John, USVI (Caribbean). You are correct in your concerns about adequate sun protection. The DF 1000 is perfectly suited to the Caribbean -- excellent consistent high winds, protected waters, consistent and comfortable boat speeds in the 10-14 knot range, etc. However, due to design of the boat it is not possible to construct a bimini that you can stand under and sail. Therefore we always go out with light full length cotton shirts (long sleeve), sailing gloves, hats, and SUNSCREEN.

Anyone interested in forming DF1000 Syndicate ?
[from: Jim Elliott, United Kingdom, 1 May 2004]
Anyone interested in forming a syndicate to purchase Dragonfly 1000 new or secondhand? Preferred location for boat, South Coast of England.

Is the DF1000 suitable for hot climates ?
[from: Peter Le Belle, Spain, 28 Apr 2004]
.... specially has anybody tropicalised his dragonfly 1000 by fitting a bimini sun shade. Without reducing sail handeling?

Wheel Steering Problems
[from: Donald Macdonal, Caribbean, 25 April 2003]
There are 2 bolts holding the cable frum to the Rudder assembly. I have had a continued problem with these bolts coming out. Once this happens, the steering cables inside of the wheel stand begin to break, and you can soon lose the cable and wheel steering.
Recommend (1) all 1000 owners have spare steering cables on board.
(2) weld the rudder / cable drum attachment such that it could be ground off if needed to disassemble.
(3) replace the small allen head screws on the top of steering column to a stud and bolt to ease opening this area to get at the cables.

Caribbean: Looking for DF100 owner with spi
[from: Donald Macdonal, Caribbean, 18 Mar 2003, hobisailor@hotmail.com]
Looking for a DF1000 owner with a spinnaker and the ability to come to Grand Cayman over the Easter long weekend. There is a round the island race, and some serious competition from a large racing trimaran. need a spinnaker this year for sure. Not enough time to get one and practice. Hope someone out there wants to come for a couple of great sail days and party.

Update on the "flooding" of Flexible Flyer(DF1000-15. 1995).
[from: Stephen Bondelid, USA, 4 June 2002]
I love the way my boat sails, and I love the blend of speed and comfort. I love the engineering and construction quality that went into the rigging, and the sailhandling designs. BUT, why does that same excellence not follow through belowdecks where you can't see? I found the culprit of the flooding. There is a 4 pin 1/4" spade lug plug connector hidden behind the forward bulkhead of the saloon. It's totally hidden. It is now beyond rotten; all of the wires except the negative are now completely rotted off in a multicolor goo. I am sure that it only got that way after the flooding, but the bilge float switch power comes from there. The float switch connection at the plug must have been going bad before. That would allow the bilge to fill up. As anyone who has done any maintenance on wiring knows, a 1/4" spade connector will work itself loose over time. Without even knowing it was there, how could I or anyone else know or be expected to check it? In my opinion there is NO excuse to use a plug such as that in an area that's completely out of sight, and unavailable for routine maintenance.
I'm replacing it with a screw terminal strip!
I STRONGLY ADVISE ALL OWNERS OF DF 1000's TO CHECK THIS PLUG CONNECTOR IMMEDIATELY! (I don't know if it's used in other models or not.)
Open up the bilge hatch at the foreward end of the centerboard trunk on the port side raised floor. Feel for a zip tie which is installed thru a hole in the bulkhead below the floor level. Cut it, and pull out the wiring bundle which is supported by this zip tie. You will find the offending plug there. At the very least, unplug it, and make sure that all the connectors are tight and clean. Replacing it with a screw terminal strip will give you the security that you deserve. I suspect the plug was used because it's fast to install, and idiotproof from an assembly standpoint, but it sure as heck isn't dependable!
The flooding has (so far) destroyed, my pressure water pump, saltwater pump, the aforementioned wiring, and the electronics for my refrigerator.
The original cause of the flooding was a pinhole leak in the bronze shaft log. Bronze? WHY Bronze instead of fiberglass?
What now, Jens?

[from: Stephen Bondelid, USA, 2 June 2002]
I am fortunate to have my DF1000 at a saltwater dock in my back yard. I can check on it just by looking out my window anytime. Having not been aboard for a couple of days, to my dismay I found more than 6" of water over the cabin sole! Usually the only water that collects in the bilge is a small amount of rainwater. The rest of the time it's completely dry.
I had checked the proper operation of the forward bilge float switch only a week or so ago, but this time the bilge pump automatic switch had NOT done its job, as the power to the switch is missing.
I have a few days worth of work to repair the electrical wiring damage to the pressure water system and find out the reason for the non functioning of the bilge circuit. I'll write a followup.
I shudder to think what I might have found if the boat had been left alone for a week or so.
The source of the leak was a pinhole in the propellor shaft stern tube which I temporarily covered with a piece of rubber sheet and a hose clamp. The water was coming in at about a litre per minute.
The stern tube is bronze and is fiberglassed into the hull and IS NOT PROTECTED by a zinc.
Upon setting the boat on the cradle ( I converted it into a tide grid) I also found a little dezincification of the toilet intake thru hull (bronze is turning pink). The boat has only one small zinc on the lower rudder gudgeon.
I have several questions for the forum.
1. Why are the boat thruhull fittings and propellor shaft/prop not bonded and zinc protected?
2. Why is the Volvo engine not bonded?
3. Why does the Volvo not have any zincs in the exhaust manifold? I asked a Volvo dealer and got a very vague noncommittal answer. I took this to mean he didn't know.
4. Every other boat I have owned has had a fiberglass stern tube. Why is this one bronze?
5. If bonding is not recommended, why?
Please answer to the forum. Thanks in advance. Steve

Water entering companion-way
[from: Steve Bondelid, USA, 30 April 2002]
Further to John Leadbetter's letter from 23 April 2000 (see DF800 General Topics) I also have had a similar Problem on the DF1000. After purchasing "Flexible Flyer", I found several sources.
The first was dirt in the track (it doesn't take much).
The second was the wood footrest in the companionway which backed up water just enough that raindrops sliding down the hatch face caused standing water in the track to jump out of the track on the inside of the boat. I routed a drain groove in the middle of the step and eliminated that source, and it helped a lot.
The third source was the drain pipe at the port end of the track which drained via a thruhull. While the boat was in Mexico, insects (?) had made a nest in the short length of plastic pipe which connects to the thruhull. That caused the water to drain slowly during a big rain.
The fourth source was via the poor seal between the copper drain pipe which drains into the cockpit on the starboard side of the hatch.
The fifth source was traced to the seal behind the chartplotter where it's mounted on the starboard forward cockpit bulkhead.
A little wind driven rain still comes in when the stern is facing the wind at the dock, but it's an acceptable tradeoff for that very convienient pocket door!
[see also John Leadbetter's contribution to this under DF800 General Topics]

Leaking Holding Tank:
[from: Steve Bondelid, USA, 6 April 2002, jsbond@whidbey.com]
Anyone else had leaking seams on their holding tank? Mine wouldn't empty more than about 1/3 full, and the welds gave out. I replaced mine at great mess, but the factory supplied a new tank gratis. Pics of the finished product available,
Don't get me wrong, we've had a few problems with it, but we LOVE our boat!
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Maximum Speed of the 1000
[from: Bo Wetzel, 8/10/2001, FR]
Is it really true, that the 1000 can do over 20knots ?

20.8 kt
[from: Jean Letoublon, France, 24 June 2002]
Mercredi dernier nous sommes allés sur Porquerolles et nous sommes revenus dimanche, il a fait un temps super et il y avait très peu de monde au mouillage.
Nous avons réalisé une pointe de vitesse de 20.8 Noeuds.
Mais nous avons été obligé de faire du barbecue, car le réchaud ne marche pas bien, toujours le même problème.
[Last Wednesday we went to Porquerolles (island off Toulon) and we returned on Sunday. It was super wheather and only few people anchored off the island. We managed to get up to 20.8kt but I forgot to take the BBQ.
I still have the same problem with my Wallas diesel cooker as Francis Muret (see 21 May 2002)]

Vmax so far 17.8kt
[from: Robin Geier, 1000-29, Germany]
Vmax bisher 17.8 Kn.

Vmax so far 17.9 kt
[from: Jean Letoublon, France, 1 Nov 2001]
Cet été j'ai enregistré la vitesse de 17.9 N et j'espère dépasser les 20 N.
[This summer I've reached 17.9 kt, I hope to pass the 20 kt.]
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User Forum & Contact Wanted to other 1000 Users
[from: Jean Letoublon, 15/10/2001, France, letoublon.jean@wanadoo.fr]
BRAVO pour le site.
Je suis propriétaire d'un dragonfly 1000 depuis peu de temps. Je souhaite connaître des propriétaires de Dragonfly 1000 pour obtenir des renseignements.
Félicitations BO
[Bravo to the web site. I am a new owner of a 1000 and wish to know of other owners who want to meet. Congratulations Bo]
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