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Here you will find all the information about the DF1000's RIG and SAILS. For other specific areas choose from the options on the left.
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Detailed Drawings for Barberhaul
[from: Bo Wetzel, France, 16 Aug 2002>]
I've prepared two pages with drawings and details for the
Barberhaul and Genoa
Barberhaul and Spinnaker
The same/similar arrangement ought to be usable on any size Dragonfly.
from: Stephen Bondelid:
Barberhauler/Spinnaker-Guy set-up
Here is how I have my barberhaulers set up for a symmetrical spi. I have a block on the ama tip, and the barberhauler terminated at the forward end of the aka with a block. A simple knot unties quickly and I am ready for the spi with no hassle of having to attach blocks.
Please click on the photo to see it enlarged!
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DF1000 rotating mast ?
[from: Clive Wright, UK, 15 Sep 2005]
Hi all,
I have just bought a DF 1000 and in the brochure it says that the mast rotates. Mine does but only by about 5 degrees. Is this an option and can it be retro fitted?
Thanks, Clive.

Osmosis on Carbon Mast:
[from: Robin Geier, 1000-29, Germany, rgeier@t-online.de]
Bei meinem Boot aufgetretene Probleme: Osmoseschäden der Mastlackierung: strukturell nicht schwächend aber unschön.
[On my boats carbon mast is osmosis visible, not a structural problem, but not very pretty.]

Don't wrap your carbon mast in plastic for winter storage!
[from: Robin Geier, Germany, 2 April 2002, rgeier@t-online.de]
Die oben erwähnten Osmosesschäden and der Mastlakierung treten nach Auskunft der Werft bei allen lackierten Carbonmasten auf, entstehen durch Kondensationsfeuchte, wenn der Mast oder Teile davon in Plastikfolie für das Winterlager eingewickelt werden.
Maßnahmen: ausschleifen der Blasen, spachteln und Nachlackierung mit DD Lack (dünn auftragen). Nachdem der Mast im nächsten Winterlager nicht mehr eingewickelt wurde traten keine weiteren Blasen auf!
[The above mentioned problems with paint blisters on the carbon mast is because of dampness caused by condensation if the mast is packaged in plastic foil for winter storage. Remedy: Sand down the blisters, fill holes and apply thin coats of DD-Paint. This year, after storing the mast without wrapping, there are no further problems!]
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Why there is no Vang or kicking strap ?
[from: Clive Wright, UK, 21 Oct 2005]
Anybody know the reason why there is no Vang or kicking strap on any of the Dragonflys?
I am thinking of following Steve's idea with the boom kicker.

[from: Steve Bondelid, USA, 10 March 2002, jsbond@whidbey.com]
I added an item to my Dragonfly 1000 which I think should be standard equipment. It's called a Boomkicker, available from http://www.boomkicker.com/Bk_index.htm.
It comes with 2 sizes of rod, but I eventually wound up with a rod size between the originally furnished sizes. (.700"). The company is very cooperative. No vang needed other than the boat's preventer lines.
Contact me via email if you have questions about it. I can email pictures.
PS: For the DF 1000, you need the model 1500, rods cut to 43" (pin to pin).
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Re: Whats the exact size of the assym. spinaker?
[from: Bo Wetzel, 6 May 2004]
I haven't got the meassurement for the assym. spi but can give you the measurements of an Elvstrom symmetrical spi for the DF1000, which might help you and/or your sailmaiker:
SL (centerline height): 13.5m; J (straight line width between the clew and tack): 14.6m; SMW: 7.5m.

Whats the exact size of the assym. spinaker?
[from: Lorenzi Stephane, France, 25 Apr 2004]
Please, can you tell me the exactly size of an assymetric spinaker for a df1000.
I thank you

When to reef a DF1000 ?
[from: Stephen Bondelid, USA, 15 Mar 2004]
I like to reef at a wind speed a few knots higher than when my wife wants me to. What's the general consensus of when a DF 1000 should be reefed for speed/comfort at various points of sail? This assumes relatively calm water conditions. Is there a "ama x amount above the water when closehauled" figure, or is it "strictly a seat of the pants" thing?
(I haven't exceeded 14 knots.)
Thanks in advance to the group for your experiences.

Re: DF1000 Using the genaker up to what windspeed
[from: Darryl Brathwaite, Caribbean, 15 Aug 2003]
The genaker can be used to windward in light air (under 12 kts). Above this you should be on a beam or broad reach. Heading downwind reduces the force on the boat and the sideways pressure on the bowsprit. Above 25 kts with the genaker the leeward float will be pressed down hard and you may feel overpowered. Top speed does not harm the boat but requires vigilence. Always furl the genaker in the windshadow of the mainsail as it becomes much easier with no windforce on it. The centerboard noise (klong!!) may be only at low speed going downwind when the lack of sideslip allows the board to 'float' around in the box.

Using the genaker up to what windspeed?
[from: Stephane Lorenzi, France, 26 Jul 2003]
Bonjour à tous, je suis l'heureux proprietaire depuis une semaine d'un magnifique df1000. Je me pose 2 questions:
1/ jusqu'à quelle force de vent peut on porter le genaker?
2/ ma derive fait un drôle de bruit en navigation (+/-klong!!) est-ce normal?
Dans l'attente de vous lire, à bientôt.
[Hello everybody, since a week ago I'm the proud owner of magnificent DF1000. I've two questions: 1) Up to what windforce can one use the genaker? 2)My centerboard make a funny noise (+/-klong!!) when sailing, is this normal? Looking forward to hearing from you. ]
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