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Re: How many DF1200 have been built
[from: Stephen Hewitt, UK, 17 Jul 2006]
18 dragonfly 1200 have been built. Mine is number 18 and is the last boat currently ordered. I took delivery July 2005. If any one has any questions regarding the 1200 I am happy to give my opinions and views.

Re: How many DF1200 have been built ?
[from: Jens B. Thuesen, Switzerland, 23 Mar 2006]
Hi Mark.
I think so far 18 have been built. Ours is number 16. A second-hand 1200 is normally sold rather quickly. If you want to try to sail fast in comfort, then look out for 'Den 1216' in BVI and Bahamas next winter. But she is not for sale. Jens

How many DF1200 have been built ?
[from: Mark Allen, Canada, 1 Mar 2006]
Hello, does anyone know how many 1200's have been built (and sold) to-date? I'm not able to find a single one (used) for sale! Mark

Re: Access to aft cabin ?
[from: Larry, USA, 30 Dec 2005]
I have spent some time aboard a 1200, and the owner had the optional cockpit tent, which closes the cockpit and makes access between cabins an all-weather non-issue.
One poster mentiond the Corsair 36. I have also been aboard the Corsair 36 and there is no comparison in comfort bewteen the two boats. The Dragonfly is a yacht with superior fit and finish, Danish woodwork and luxury detail. The Corsair is a molded plastic boat bolted and glued together with minimal finish work and no craftsmanship evident.

Re: Access to aft cabin ?
[from: John Blaiklock, UK, 24 Nov 2005]
Access from cockpit only. I asked Jens Quorning why this was 2 years ago...
There is a full bulkhead between the main and aft cabins. This bulkhead is required to support the aft beams, and any hole in this bulkhead to allow interior access to the aft cabin would reduce its strength.

Access to aft cabin ?
[from: Indy, USA, 24 Nov 2005]
Is the aft cabin of the Dragonfly 1200 only accessible from the cockpit ?
With the Corsair 36 when it's raining or cold outside you can remove the steps and crawl from the main cabin to the aft cabin.

Why buy a DF1200 ?
[from: Sean, USA, 22 Nov 2005]
I have been researching boats for a couple of years now and have fallen in love with the DF 1200, but I have never seen it in person as of yet. I am looking to buy a boat within the next year or two and have been looking at a couple of cats, but don't need that much space...I know that this is a loaded question but when deciding on the Dragonfly what was the deciding factor over a catamaran? Also if you built your DF1200 as new what was the cost at the time of construction? To live the dream I must plan...

Re: My new DF1200/ARC 2005
[from: Stephen Hewitt, UK, 29 Oct 2005]
I could be interested in the ARC 2006 if I can find an acceptable crew.
I am hoping to do the round Britain and Ireland race June 2006, that's the two handed race, with Simon Forbes.

Re: My new DF1200
[from: Jens B. Thuesen, Switzerland, 27 Oct 2005]
I have heard of a DF 1000 crossing the Atlantic in both directions.

Re: My new DF1200
[from: Clive Wright, UK, 24 Oct 2005]
Hi Jens,
2006 ARC is bit early for us with regard to work commitments which is a shame as it would have been a good race. Please keep us up to date with your plans and progress. Will you be the first DF to sail the Atlantic?

Re: My new DF1200
[from: Jens B. Thuesen, Switzerland, 24 Oct 2005]
Hi Steve and Clive
We sailed our DF 1200 for two seasons now, before we had a DF 920r. We sailed 8000 NM so far, some racing, and a lot of cruising in Norway, Baltic, North Sea, Biscay, Spain and Portugal, we did not have any problems so far. The boat fully lives up to our expectations; In fact we could not imagine any other boat even if we had a much higher budget. The comfort-speed-space compromise is great for us. The after cabin is excellent for kids or guest with its own heads and much better than most cramped after cabins in monohull-cruiser-racers I have seen.
About performance: It likes more wind than a DF 920r. We have hit +21 knots so far with the Asymetric spinnaker, but it was windy. On a broad reach we often travel with +15 knots in comfort with the normal genua and main in 18-22 knots wind. We participate in long distance racing whenever possible, mainly to get to learn the boat. We have been racing against DF 920 Extreme and normally loose, especially when the 920 Extreme are sailed by Jens Q. But we have beaten a DF 800 in light wind on elapsed time. In a 300 NM two-handed race we were only minutes after a DF 920 Extreme and had a better elapsed time than the other 150 monohulls. The 'cruising performance' is the real strength of the DF 1200; we sailed two-handed from Denmark/Skaerbaek to Portugal in just a week this summer. So in the right conditions a DF 1200 can perform, but it is sensitive to weight. At the end of the seasons our boat gets heavier and heavier. The amount of storage space is tempting to use, for example you can have four normal full-size mountain bikes in the ama’s, you have plenty of space for scuba diving equipment (incl. tanks and weight belts), this influence performance. Another significant factor for speed is the direct ion, length and heights of waves, light wind and against the wave direction can be frustrating. You need to trim the sails and use the preventer and barber haul, I can recommend putting tell tales also on the main sail from top to bottom.
Steve: We are not old neither fat yet, but working on both issues.
Clive: We are with 90 % likelihood participating in ARC 2006. If you get the DF 1200 a Year sooner we could have a 3000 NM match race?

Re: My new DF1200
[from: Stephen Hewitt, UK, 23 Oct 2005]
I added a huge amount of extras to my new boat and it came in at about 5600 kilos. In flat water we have managed upwind at 11 knots and so far we have not yet had decent wind for testing beam reaches with spinnaker up. We did come back from France with a code zero and were getting about 12 knots but only just off the wind. I think with decent conditions we should just about make 20 knots, but unlike the smaller boats we will do this very dry, without spray! and fairly flat.
Elvestrom sails are not very good and I have had some problems with my main, the code zero, and now the spinnaker is coming unstiched.

Re: My new DF1200
[from: Clive Wright, UK, 21 Oct 2005]
Hi Steve,
How much trade off in Speed is there? I was thinking of getting a 1200 for the ARC in 2007 but I hear that the boat is a bit too heavy.
I must have followed you through the Kiel Cannal (I presume you took that route) I picked up my 1000 from Stockholm at the begining of Aug.
Hope to see you in the Solent sometime.
Clive, Aquila.

My new DF1200
[from: Stephen Hewitt, UK, 20 Oct 2005]
I was able to collect my new DF 1200 in July, from the factory and considering the complex nature of the boat with all its fittings and gear I can report that that the few minor issues I have experienced are all very small and the builders have been brilliant in sorting these issues out. The boat is fabulous. I have had to accept a trade off for comfort instead of speed but now I am getting older, fatter and less fit I can live with that.

Report of a almost arctic delivery trip of a DF1200
[from: Richard Suriani (Dragonfly Sailboats), USA, 29 Jan 2003]
Daily Log of the Ladyhawk Delivery from Maryland to Miami in the Dead of Winter
We have a DF1200 owner that will be mailing me updates and pictures of his trip south.
Part 1: Click here to see the report in PDF format (210 kb).
Part 2: Click here to see the report in PDF format (768 kb).
[Does anyone have software to make a more compact PDF file from a MS Word document? Or does anybody know of a version of MS Word or any other software, which allows to extract the photos from a MS Word .doc file? (It doesn't work wit Word 97! No suprise - it's MS!) Please contact me urgently! Bo Wetzel]

DF1200 Live (!) Picture from Florida
[from: Richard Suriani (Dragonfly Sailboats), USA, 15 Jan 2003]
Here is a gift for those of you that are dreaming of warmer weather and sailing. This is a live picture of August and Dana Richter's DF1200 hull #3. It is located in Naples, Florida. The boat is stored on a lift in their backyard. The lift is operated by a remote control. No bottom cleaning for them. They have sailed this boat from Maryland to Naples about 1,400 Miles.
They are only 100 miles from Key West which makes it an easy day trip.
Live webcam pictures: http://video.augustrichter.com/
Sorry, no more live pictures! They have sold their DF1200. Bo, Oct 2005

Denmark Design Award 2001 for DF1200
The Design Centre writes:
Nominees Play, hobby and sports:
"Quorning Dragonfly 1200 is nominated for a technically advanced and uncompromisingly constructed trimaran boat with powerful sailing qualities and a clear identity."
Winner Play, hobby and sports:
"Quorning Dragonfly 1200 is a trimaran boat, uncompromising in conception and realisation, which in its combination of technical innovation and solid craftsmanship has already gained international popularity. The boat is based on the unique 'swing wing' system, where the two side pontoons fold along the side, making the boat easy to dock and saving space in the harbour. At the same time, the trimaran principle is flexible in use as it combines a stable replacement while sailing with a low keel, which enables sailing in very shallow waters. The powerful sailing qualities of the boat are followed up by a visual lightness, which makes the boat appear most convincing in its overall expression."
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Maximum Speed of the 1200
[from: Bo Wetzel, 8/10/2001, FR]
Is it really true, that the 1200 can do over 20knots ?


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