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Here you will find all the information about the DF35 which is of general nature. For specific areas choose from the options on the left.
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I'm going to testsail the new DF35 by the end of October
[from: Tore Johannesen, Denmark, 7 Oct 2006]
I'm going to testsail the new Dragonfly 35 by the end of October. I will ofcourse share my experience whit this community. The testsail is for use in a danish newspaper. It's a hard work, but somebody has to do it :-)

DF35 News
[from: Bo Wetzel, 27 Nov 2005]
.... look at www.dragonfly.dk for the latest news on the development of the DF35

Has anybody news about the DF35 ?
[from: Egidio, Italy, 26 Nov 2005]
Has somebody some news about the DF35?
What do you think about the weight compared to the sail area? Will it be a fast tri?

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