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Solar Panel Installation
[from: Ernst Fellner, Germany, 2 Dec 2003]
Habe auf meinen Schwimmern Solara SM 160M Module installiert. Liefern im Sommer (Adria) bei klaren Wetter mehr als 2,0A max. je Modul. Sie lassen sich etwas biegen und müssen seitlich nur wenig unterfüttert werden, die volle Wölbung der Schwimmer-Decks sollen sie allerdings nicht gebogen werden.
Position: unmittelbar vor der Schwimmer Luke.
Kabel-Führung: Loch durch Schwimmer in Bachskiste. Habe ein Kunstoff Elektro-Installations-Rohr ( 16 mm Durchm. ) von innen an das Backskisten-Deck mit Montage-Kleber (Pattex) geklebt. Loch durch Backskisten Wandung in den hinteren Luftraum, ebenfalls mit eingeklebten Inst.-Rohr. Rohr läuft bis zur Beam-Aufnahme, muß durch hintere Inspektions-Öffnung montiert werden. Kabel kann dann leicht im Rohr durchgeschoben werden. Habe an Sockelschräge der Beamauflage eine 2.te Steckeverbindung angebracht um die Beams demontieren zu können ( Trailer-Sailing !). Position des Steckers bei 7 Uhr am stb., 5 Uhr am bb. Schwimmer, stören dann nicht beim Anklappen der Schwimmer. Muß ein absolut wasserdichter Stecker sein ! Habe 2,5 qmm Kabel verwendet. Bei 1,5 qmm relativ hoher Spannungsabfall über die doch lange Strecke.
Stecker in der Beam-Halterung am Rumpf und Kabel im Beam wie bei Bo.
[I've installed Solara SM160M modules on my floats. In the summer I gain in the Adriatic more than 2A per module. The modules are slighty flrxible and need only little packing on each side but they can't be bent totally to fit the swimmer top.
Positio: just before the hatch of the swimmer.
Cable run: Hole through deck. I've glued a plastic pipe (for el. installations) inside the swimmer with a special fixing glue (Pattex). There also needs to be a hole between the store section of the swimmer and the aft section of the swimmer to take the pipe near the swimmer/beam joint. This pipe must be inserted via the instection hole behind the aft swimmer/beam joint. The cable can the be pushed in easily.
I've used a watertight(!) cable connector between beam and swimmer (mounted on the beam) as I do trailer sailing. Cabel inside the beam etc as shown below by Bo.
I've used 2.5mm² cable. With 1.5mm² cable are the voltage losses to great over this distance.]

Solar Panel Installation
[from: Bo Wetzel, 24 Nov 2003]
Answering Andy's question about solar panel installation on the floats:
1) Make sure you place the panels enough forward of the rear ama, so that they are not shaded by the trampoline (even having just the rear corner under the trampoline will greatly reduce the output of the solar panels).
2) the cable will have to enter the floats on top and need to be led to the big bolt on which the amas are fixed. The bolt has a hole in the centre. Choose a 1-1.5mm&h178; cable with an overall diameter which fits the hole. (Try it first if in doubt!). To get the cable through the bolt it's easier to enter a wire through the top and solder it to the ends of the solar panel cable and then pull the cable trough the hole (to solder them pull both cable back out of the inspection hatch which is aft of the ama joint). Lubricate the hole/cable with washing-up liquid or vaseline. Pull with one hand and push from below with the other (you might need two people).
3) Drill a hole in the rear of the ama (see photo below and enter the cable. Leave a loop for the articulation. The rest is self-explanatory from the photos (I hope!) The cable doesn't need a loop at the hull end of the ama when the floats are in (less than shown in the 2nd photo).
Please click on the photo to see it enlarged!

Solar Panel installation - Advice needed
[from: Andy Tout, United Kingdom, 12 Nov 2003]
I want to fit a couple of solar panels to the floats over the winter. Has anyone any advice on how to get the wire from the floats to the main hull?

Badly designed Solarex Solar Panels leading to failure of panel
[from: Bo Wetzel, France, 25 Aug 2002]
I've 2 Solarex MSX30 Panels on the floats of my DF920. This year (after 4 years of use) I started to get problems with the solar panels. First the one and then the other. They stopped working.
After checking all connectors and cables I looked at the panels. The have a little black box fitted to them (the blocking diode is in it) and the connecting cable comes out from there. At closer inspection I noticed this box is attached with double sided tape - would you believe it! The tape had come apart just a little to let sea water under the box. The box itself is sealed in epoxy but the connector to the pannel is totally unprotected!!!!
Much of the first few centimetres of the internal connecting strip to the solar cells has been 'converted' to copper sulfate, hence the failure of the panel!!!
If you have Solarex panels check yours and if corrosion hasn't started yet seal the box well with Sikaflex! I'll have a go at repairing mine.
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