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Genoa with Barberhaul for DF920
The following is taken partly from the DF920 handbook:
Sheeting the Genoa:
The genoa sheets are led trough the twinblocks before passing the genoawagon, then through the coaming and stopper to the winch.
The barberhaul lines are fastened to the padeye at the bow of the floats, back through the leadeye on the disk at the forward crossbeam, through the other part of the twinblock back trough one of the blocks on the end of the aft crossbeam and to the clamcleats which is on top of cockpit coaming, next to the winch (on my DF920 it's aft of the winches, not like shown in the drawing!) for the swing wing.
When sailing close to the wind the barberhaul lines are slack, when sheeting out the sheeting angle can be adjuste by the barberhaul (see drawing below).

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