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Sponsors of this User Forum
The Manufacturer of Dragonfly Trimarans:
Quorning Boats Aps
Skaerbaek, DK 7000 Fredericia, Denmark
Tel: + 45 75 56 26 26, Fax: + 45 75 51 31 31

Arne Reher Yachtservice
- A real expert on transporting and rigging Dragonflys! - see Transport for details

Dragonfly Holland
Contact: Andre Buwalda
Bereklauw 66, 1141KV Monnickendam, Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)299 652716, Fax +31 (0)299 652734
www.dragonfly.nl   e-mail:dragonflyholland@hetnet.nl

Sunshine Properties France
English, French and German speaking Estate Agent in Provence, France
with one of the best websites for properties (real estate) in Provence


Thank you to the sponsors for supporting this User Forum in 2006.
If anyone else would like to sponsor this User Forum please contact me,
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Boating Magazines:
Multihulls World / Multicoques Mag
This magazin is available in French and in English.

Palstek - Technisches Wassersport-Journal
In German - It's precisely what the title promises
www.palstek.de   e-mail:palstek@t-online.de

Practical Boat Owner (PBO)
In English - Very good practical tips and hints about boats and boating
www.pbo.co.uk   e-mail:pbo@ipcmedia.com
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www.volvopenta.com   Find a Dealer: dealerlocator.penta.volvo.se/zone.asp

For world wide addresses & phone/fax numbers and www addresses:

for YAMAHA Motor Germany:   http://de.yme.com
Yamaha Dealers in Germany:   http://de.yme.com/daler_native.cfm?spec=ger
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Nordic Mast A/S
Vestvejen 172, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark
Tel: + 45 74 62 00 60 Fax: + 45 74 63 05 43
www.nordicmast.com   e-mail:info@nordicmast.com
The supplier of masts for the Dragonfly (supplies Quorning Boats)
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Multihull Web Sites:
Useful information in General and on Dragonflys can be found on the following sites:
www.multihull.de (in German with lots of useful information)

www.multihull-verein.de (Germany, 1. Vorsitzender Wolfgang Koch, Parkstraße 3, 79232 March b. Freiburg Tel: 07665 95842, Fax: 07665 40211, e-mail: koch@cat-sail.de)
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Jotun A/S
P.O.Box 2021, N-3248 Sandefjord, Norway
Tel: + 47 33 45 70 00, Fax: + 47 33 45 72 42
www.jotun.com   e-mail:info@jotun.com
Makes the two component varnish which is used on the interior of the Dragonflys
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Uglekaer 1, DK 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark
Tel: + 45 7362 4800, Fax: + 45 7362 4819
www.elvstromsails.com   e-mail:elvstrom@elvstromsails.com
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Special Dragonfly Transports (Europe-wide):
Arne Reher Yacht & Transport Service
Hintere Gasse 31, D-72108 Rottenburg, Germany
Tel: + 49 74 72 44 10 44, Fax: + 49 74 72 44 10 40
Mobile: + 49 171 85 49 888, e-mail:arne.reher@t-online.de
- A real expert on transporting and rigging Dragonflys!
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Weather Information and Forecasts (world-wide):
gives world-wide forecasts in English, German, Dutch and Chinese(!);
(incl. radar, satellite, maps, water, wind etc.)
in English:  www.weatheronline.co.uk
in German: www.wetteronline.de
in Dutch:     www.weeronline.nl

5 day shipping forecast for different sea areas: (wind waves etc.)
in English:  www.weatheronline.co.uk/sail_euro.htm
in German: www.wetteronline.de/segeln.htm
in Dutch:     www.weeronline.nl/zeil.htm

France Meteo - Around the coast of France (incl. Corsica)
(in French but they promise an english version soon?!)
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