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Spinnaker and Barberhaul for DF920
The following is taken partly from the DF920 handbook:
Sheeting the symetrical Spinnaker:
Please look first at how to fit the Barberhaul, when you have understood that, you can then continue here.
For clarity of the drawing below the genoa sheets are are not shown!
To use the spinnaker you must first make the following permanent modifications to the barberhaul (if is has not been done already)!
The barberhaul line is unfastened from the padeye at the bow of the floats, a single block ist shacklet instead to the padeye, the barberhaul line led trough it and another single block fastened to the end of the barberhaul line.
You must also shackle another single block at the end of the aft crossbeam.
To sheet the spi: Pass the spi sheet trough the block at the end of the barberhaul then back to the aft crossbeam, through the block and to the winch.
Make sure you pass the sheet on the outside of the sidestays. (not shown in the drawing below).
Handeling the spi is now easy. For sailing with the wind aft pull both barberhaul in to get both clews of the spi forward and down towards the bow of the floats.
The more the wind changes forward the more you release both barberhauls to let the spi move to lee at the same give on the luve sheet and pull the lee sheet in. But don't let the luv clew go past the forestay!
Got it?

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