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I will try to make it appear as soon as possible
in the relevant section of the For Sale/Wanted page in the User Forum.
Payment for 'For Sale/Wanted' Adverts:
  50 Euros (US$60, 35) for 3 months.

A bank transfer in the EURO zone is now very cheap.

in EURO:   B W Wetzel, La Poste, Marseille (France)
               BIC: PSSTFRPPMAR,   IBAN: FR33 2004 1010 0816 3406 9B02 928

in Sterling:   B W Wetzel, Barclays Penzance (GB)
                     BIC: BARCGB22,   IBAN: GB57 BARC 2067 1910 9417 43
Payment by Credit Card:
  Click on the PAY NOW button to make payment by credit card.
Cash: It's NOT recommended to send cash in the post. If you really want to do it, it's at your own risk and don't forget to wrap the notes well inside the envelope.
Send it to:   B W Wetzel, 184 Chemin des Clos, 83780 FLAYOSC, France.

Cheques: I can only accept cheques drawn on a bank in France (Euro) or cheques drawn on a bank in the UK!

All 'For Sale/Wanted' adverts will be published after receipt of payment!

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