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Sailing 920 South Coast France - near Perpignan

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Chris Berry

Joined: 23 Aug 2009
Posts: 1
Location: France, Collioure, Med

Sailing 920 South Coast France - near Perpignan   Posted: Wed 15 Jun 11, 23:28    Reply with quote

Not sure if this is the correct place for a posting but.....
I am 59 and live in London. I am married with 4 boys none of whom like sailing! Having just purchased a Dragonfly 920 extreme ( I have a mooring at St Cyprienne which is near Perpignan in the South of France) I would like to know if anyone lives in that area who may be available to sail it with me. Also anyone with a dragonfly in Sussex or Hants who is looking for an occasional crew would work for me. The more experience I can grab the better.

Chris B
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Joined: 23 Aug 2012
Posts: 1
Location: France. Lot et Garonne

Sailing near St Cyprienne   Posted: Thu 23 Aug 12, 10:53    Reply with quote

Hi Chris,
Not too sure what you are looking for, but we are a married couple, nearing 50 years old, looking for sailing opportunities. We live in Lot et Garonne, just over 3 hrs from St Cyprienne, in fact we were in the Argeles, St Cyprienne area at the end of July, just for a week-end, we had actually booked a days sailing near to Rennes, but because of bad weather that was cancelled so having already made plans for a week-end away we decided to head for the sun.
We do not have much sailing experience, 2 years ago we went on a flotilla holiday to Greece and really loved it, last October we went to Brittany to do RYA courses, my husband, David, did the Day Skipper and I did the Competent Crew, David is a builder, and because he is used to roofing and scaffolding is v sure footed and well balanced, I can't say the same for myself, but because of a perforated eardrum I never get sea-sick, so that is a plus! and I am quite happy in the galley, being a qualified cook.
I am aware that you are prob looking for more experienced sailors, but thought I would reply just in case.
Kim and David Gregory.
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Joined: 04 Oct 2012
Posts: 1
Location: France, Marseille/13001

Sialing DF 920 Saint-Cyprien   Posted: Mon 12 Aug 13, 8:54    Reply with quote

Hello Chris Berry,

First Please, be good with my bad English.
My name is Jacques Anglès. +33 666 02 86 88. jacques.angles@free.fr/

I found you message (dated 2009) about"Sailing DF 920 near Perpignan, and saw one DF 920 in Saint-Cyprien a few month ago (as there is probably no other DF 920 a lot of miles around, I expect this is your own one). Looks ship-shape !

I'm Presently living mainly in Marseille, and often as possible near Narbonne, about one hour from Saint-Cyprien. Goodexperience for years in sailing on various types of boats, including multuhulls (but no Drag onfly at this time).

If you are still looking for sailing crew, I am insterested to meet you and possibly makes some runs aboard. Please contact me by phone or e-mail.
Thank you.

Best regards
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