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New Sails for Dragonfly 800

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Joined: 03 Sep 2008
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Location: Germany,Rostock,Baltic

New Sails for Dragonfly 800   Posted: Thu 30 Oct 08, 21:39    Reply with quote

Hi; I want to order new a new main and a new genoa for my Dragonfly 800 crusing version 1992.
Any recommendation of a good sailmaker ? (price, quality, e-mail address etc .) Preferebly europe, germany.
What is a "square top main sail" ? Should I go fo that ? (sorry, I´m just a beginner )
Thanks a lot in advance


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Joined: 03 Nov 2006
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Location: USA, Raritan YC, Perth Amboy, New Jersey

   Posted: Fri 31 Oct 08, 1:38    Reply with quote

Welcome to the forum.
There is already a thread on the benefits of square top sails.

If you look there, you will find your answer.
Welcome aboard
Ted Paliwoda
D'Fly 1000 ; HN #1
Nice Tri
Raritan YC, Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
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Joined: 08 Oct 2007
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Location: Netherlands, Friesland and waddenzee

Sailmaker in the Netherlands   Posted: Fri 26 Dec 08, 10:05    Reply with quote

Hi Dirk,
I ordered early 2006 new genua for my DF800CR of 1993 at Arjen Kooy in Haarlem in the Netherlands.
He is specialist in tri and cat sails. A small sailmaker who goes for quality and was a lot cheaper then the original sailmaker Elvstrom. I got the adress of the Dutch DF representative André Buwalda (http://www.dragonfly.nl/), who is always willing to help with his experience. Arjen Kooy seems to have made much more sails for DF's and 800. My experience was pretty good. A nice genua what did fit fine. I could tack higher with same speed (but comparison with a very old jib is maybe not fair).
Mainsail I have no experience with yet. I try to keep my old one as long as possible in shape.
If you need more info or photo's: please let me know.

Arjen Kooij Zeilmakerij, Langendijkstraat 14, 2013EM Haarlem, +31 (0)23-5318738
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Joined: 15 Feb 2016
Posts: 1
Location: USA, Rotonda West, FL

   Posted: Wed 16 Mar 16, 21:23    Reply with quote

We have DF800 and are looking to purchase new main sail. Here in the US the sailmakers are steering us toward a squaretop tri-radial carbon fiber sail. Does anyone have any advice or opinions on this recommendation? And what about using this new sail withour jib which is an older version tri-radial taffeta mylar fabric? Will performance be an issue with the new sail? UK Sailmakers here in Sarasota, FL are suggesting the tape drive PX10T, but we have heard that these sail tend to stretch and don't last as long. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
JoA W.
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Double Horizon

Joined: 09 May 2007
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Location: USA

   Posted: Thu 17 Mar 16, 15:51    Reply with quote

I'm not familiar with the tape drive PX10T. However I have another Tape Drive sail from UK (using external CF tapes that are stuck on to Aramid scrim within a Mylar laminate) for about 7 years and they do not stretch at all. The sails are a good shape and I think UK is a good company.

Despite what I'm about to say, the sails have held up well. When I took them in for cleaning/maintenance this Fall the sailmaker said they appear to have about 40% more useful life. I think that's good after 7 years of use, as it implies I may get more than 10 years from them.

I do not like the way the CF tapes are stuck onto the Mylar sail fabric with adhesive. The adhesive tends to separate at the flex points and it requires periodic off-season maintenance to stick them back on with a wider clear adhesive Mylar tape.

I would not get this construction again. If you get a tape drive or similar sail I would recommend a construction that embeds the tapes within the laminate, not external.

I would add that I bought a 3DL screacher from North Sails and I do not like the shape. I didn't get the impression they (North) know multihulls well.
Larry - DF-1200 Double Horizon
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Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 17
Location: Finland, Turku

   Posted: Thu 16 Jun 16, 12:47    Reply with quote

We have Gransegel 25sqm squaretop main (top width 1,5m, technora membrane) and 15 sqm jib (carbon/technora membrane) on our DF800 cruising.

The main is really good and I would not change. Jib in other hand would need to be completely redesigned. Gransegel "standard" DF800 cruising jib cannot be flattened as flat as it should be on upwinds as the foot is around 15cm too long. Track is simply not long enough and there is no way to get it tight without modifications to the jib sheeting system. Our jib foot is 3.5m do not take that long foot!

I also think that DF800 would be a little bit faster with smaller jib on high winds but in the other hand you loose some speed on light winds.
DF800 SW #160
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Joined: 21 Jan 2015
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Location: Germany, Kiel

   Posted: Thu 03 Aug 17, 10:14    Reply with quote

I am thinking about buying a DF800. Often the boats have quite used sails (e.g. 10 year old laminate/kevlar main and genua).

What did you guys pay for a new genua or new main sail?
So i can better calculate what i hav eto spend if the old sails break quick.

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