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Possition on in port trailer

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Possition on in port trailer   Posted: Wed 23 Oct 13, 9:13    Reply with quote


I have an in port trailer according to the Dragonfly drawings. When lifting the boat out of the water for the first time for me and on to the trailer we put the boat according to the picture http://dragonfly-trimarans.org/images920/extrm1.jpg . However, the boat was somewhat back heavy. Not by much, but still back heavy. Now the motor was on the boat (it needs to be) and I had some stuff in the storage in the back of the boat. If I remove the stuff in the storage, will the boat be front heavy instead as the picture? That is how it should be.
In the spring when we will but the boat back in the sea again I will not have a lot of stuff in the storage. I hope it works.

Robert G
Robert Gustavsson
Stockholm, Sweden
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Double Horizon

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   Posted: Thu 24 Oct 13, 2:04    Reply with quote

With the boat folded, the amas and beams extend aft and affect the balance. The trailer and stand were designed for the DF920 touring. The Extreme model (with longer cross beams that extend further aft when folded) came later. From what you describe, they might not have modified the stand for this change. It's not as much of an issue on the trailer because the bow would be tied, but the stand does not extend forward.

The aft support is provided only by a pad just aft of the centerboard trunk, where the structure is strong. You can add aft support as needed. You don't need to lift the hull aft (and should not try because the structure might not be adequate for it) -- just add support to keep it from tipping back. It should be OK if you use good judgment.

If you store with mast up, you should tie the halyards to something strong (or heavy) on each side of the boat to withstand winter cross-winds.
Larry - DF-1200 Double Horizon
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