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Important Notes on the use of the WALLAS Diesel Cooker!

1)  Use diesel for cars not central heating fuel
2)  Make sure the tank is full enough but not too full to spill trough the breather pipe (from time to time check the suctions pipes are correctly located at the bottom of the tank)
3)  There is space for two saucepans on the cooker; the one nearer the front always gets hotter! (Itís designed to do that.)
4)  The Heat Adjustment controls both at the same time.
5)  Itís a bit like an electric cooker. It takes a little while to heat up but you can switch it off some minutes before you would switch off a gas cooker, as the plate stays hot for some while afterwards. It a matter of experience.

Start the Cooker:
1)  Switch the power ON on the fuse panel
2)  Set the Heat Adjustment knob on the cooker to MAXIMUM !!!!!!!!
3)  Press the ON switch on the cooker control Ė the light comes on and you should hear the pump pressurising the diesel also you will note a slight drop in the battery voltage as the pre-heating start. The red light blinks.
4)  If the red light on the cooker control panel is on continuously the cooker works normally and you should feel the ceramic plate heat up.
5)  After the heat has built up you can then control with the Heat Adjustment knob to what ever level you like.

Stop the Cooker:
1)  After finishing press the OFF button on the cooker DO NOT switch the cooker off on the Fuse Panel !!!!!
2)  After a while the red light will start blinking. While the red light is blinking DO NOT switch the cooker off on the Fusel Panel !!!!!
3)  Never switch the cooker back on while the red light is still blinking !!!!!
4)  You will have to wait to restart the cooker till the blinking red light has stopped.
5)  Only ever switch the cooker OFF on the Fuse panel AFTER the red light stopped blinking !!!!!

If you respect the above you will find it works fine (so it should do at a price of approx 900 Euro!)

I think you can restart the cooker just after you switched it off and the red light is still on normally and has not started blinking. But Iím not 100% sure.
What if it stops working?

1)  Check first, that you have done exactly a listed above
2)  Retry it again exactly as above
Still not working?
Well, I think one of the option you have now is to dismantle the cooker and clean the glow plug, which pre-heats the burning chamber (that solved the problem for me).

Here is the picture story on how to clean the glow plug:

1) take exhaust pipe and diesel pipe off and disconnect from electricity
2) take cooker out and turn up-side down remove cover plate of burner (take care there is a spring underneath!)
3) disconnect cable from glowplug (+, ground)
4) unscrew fixing
5) you can now pull the plug out
6) clean the plug with a soft wire brush or replace (in my cooker it was a BERU 0100221151 11V or equivalent) if broken i.e. open circuit between plug casing and plug connector.
7) re-assemble in reverse order and I hope it will work again!

P.S. Have you noticed, the Wallas diesel cooker is no longer an option on the Quorning price list, I wonder why?

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